Broadband Reviews 2022 is the best place to compare UK broadband packages.
Here are our snapshot reviews of every provider.

Broadband Reviews 2022 is the best place to compare UK broadband packages.
Here are our snapshot reviews of every provider.

Our Snapshop Reviews

BT Broadband
4 Stars

Offering a wide range of FTTC and FTTP broadband deals BT Broadband are one of the most well known and popular providers in the UK.
The pricing is usually quite a bit higher than average but BT usually have a high value Reward Cards to accompany their strong broadband deals.

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Community Fibre Broadband
4 Stars

Similiarly to Hyperoptic, Onestream run their own network. They are currently only available to a small number of postcodes in London. Their speeds are blisteringly fast and their pricing is super competetive. There are often gift overlays on their packages too which eans them a solid score.

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Cuckoo Broadband
4 Stars

Cuckoo offer a very rare proposition. You pay the same monthly price forever. The speeds available are consisitent with the Openreach netowrk and in 2022 Cuckoo introduced FTTP deals too.
Customers seem to like the brand and the flexibility of being able to choose a 1m contract.

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EE Broadband
4 Stars

EE are part of the BT Group and were originally one of the most well known and popular mobile providers in the UK. Their broadband connections are on par with the quality and speed of BT but are often much cheaper.

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Hyperoptic Broadband
4 Stars

Hyperoptic run their own FTTP network and predominantly only service London. They tend to be connected in high rise buildings but are rolling out over more types of properties. The speeds are incredibly fast (for the UK) and customer service appears to be great.

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Onestream Broadband
4 Stars

Onetream have been known to provide some of the cheapest deals in market. They do however perform a hard credit check on their customers during the checkout process which has led to a spate of bad reviews on Trustpilot. Speeds and pricing wise though, they are a strong provider.

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Plusnet Broadband
4 Stars

Plusnet are part of the BT Group and are what would be categorised as a budget broadband provider. They are also one of the most well known and cheapest mobile phone and sim only providers in the UK. Their broadband speeds are on par with the quality and speed of BT but are often much cheaper. Plusnet offers are perfect for lower income households who still need a strong internet connecttion.

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Sky Broadband
4 Stars

Sky are probably the best provider when it comes to TV packages. Their broadband speeds are decent, with more and more properties able to get a FTTP connection and the general consensus is that connectivity is good. Pricing is a higher than average but there are often good offers to be found in the comparison tables.

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TalkTalk Broadband
4 Stars

TalkTalk usually have some of the most competitively priced broadband deals in the UK. Fibre 65 is a best selling deal and TalkTalk usually have a great Gift Card offer with most of their packages. While historically their customer service was never the best, we do see it improving.
TV add ons are also available from this provider.

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Virgin Broadband
4 Stars

Virgin Media are one of the fastest broadband providers in the UK today. Their pricing is now very competetive and infrastructure is much improved.
The main downside to Virgin is that their Out of Contract pricing is significantly higher than their initial offer. It’s often worth negotiaiting with them when it comes to renewal time but we warned that you are likely to have to cancel in order for their retnetion teams to give the best offer.

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Vodafone Broadband
4 Stars

Vodafone are more well known for being a mobile phone provider but their competetively priced broadband deals earn them a strong score from Having just a small number of deals available makes their website easy to navigate. They often have free tech gifts available with their deals, too.

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DirectSave Broadband
4 Stars

Direct Save are a little pricier than other providers offering simialr speeds. That said, they do have some perks, such as an Online Discount Club which aims to help you save in other areas of your bills. Their website is a little tough to navigate and feels a little 90’s.

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